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    LCS-50-FBC Type

LCS-50-FBC Type

  • Technical parameters

    1.Quantitative range:5kg~50kg;

    2.Packaging rate:80~120 bags/h(viscous powder materials);100~240 bags/h(Those with good fluidity)

    3.Packaging error:≤±0.2%;

    4.Working pressure:0.6~0.7MPa


Product overview:


Compare with the LCS-50-FB automatic valve bag quantitative packaging machine, this machine adds open packaging device which can package open bags when it is on and package valve bags when it is off. That is to say, this machine can make the exchange of open bags and valve bags and applies to the packaging of all the powder and particle materials whose specific gravity is higher than 0.2T/m3.

This machine applies to the following industries: Silicon carbide, titanium white, dry mortar, PVC, plastic, calcium carbonate, talcum powder, medicine, chemical industry, fodder, food etc.

Features of this machine

1.Adopting the spiral speed-changing feeding and solving the conflict between packaging precision and packaging speed.

2.Using open device and meeting two packaging needs of open and valve, and saving more space than traditional open packaging machine with reliable performance.

3.Adopting new vibrating stock bin, which can pretreat the materials before packaging and improve the speed and precision of packaging.

4.Automatic/Manual functions:it can package continuously at the automatic condition,and also can package dynamically with manual function.

5. With automatic error correction:The quantity of materials in advance will be corrected according to the change of the quantity of the materials in stock,which makes the precision of packaging more reliable.

6. Finished products counting function:It can record the quantity of the finished products in each shift or each day.

7. The main components are all imported from Japan with reliable operation and lower failure rate.

8. Adding the detection of materials level. When the material level in the buffer vibrating store is low, it will alarm automatically and avoid the packaging of next bag to reduce the weighing error caused by the change of materials.

9.  Easy for the extension of functions and can add other functions like repeated detecting,full stack shaping,code printing and dust removing etc.